Warehouse & Distribution Facility Upgrade
October 9, 2020 | All News | Corporate |

Over the summer months, we saw a massive “coming together” of our warehouse & distribution facility upgrade.

Greater storage capacity

From 180 pallet spaces in our bulk area, we now have 520 pallet spaces due to a new racking system and fabric storage warehouse.

Customers expect a lot more from their suppliers these days and we try to leave no room for error when it comes to both our products and services. Now with our new warehouse storage space, racking system, handheld scanner system and distribution infrastructure we can achieve the best performance, accuracy, and visibility possible for our customer.

New integrated systems

This new “connected” warehouse with real-time order visibility uses tried and tested technology that can be scaled up as required. Ultimately offering a more flexible response with a better-managed workforce.

Stock levels have never been better

We now have in excess of 350,000 garments & 200,000 metres of fabric in stock! Plus, over 250,000 garments are in production or on the water, for replenishment.

15,000 orders are now being despatched annually, of which 82% of orders are delivered next day and 18% within 48 hours!

It’s a fantastic effort and achievement for all those involved over the summer months here at Chadwick’s. Our customers and business will certainly reap the benefits for a long time to come.

Brand Quality Teamwear
Brand Quality Teamwear
Brand Quality Teamwear
Brand Quality Teamwear