Taking action to address the climate emergency
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During 2018 and 2019, Chadwick Textiles and Raleigh International (RI) supported young people to create an environmental impact in Tanzania, through the Youth for Community Conservation (Y4CC) Project. Our funding has enabled young Tanzanians to plant 360,000 trees, build three community-owned tree nurseries. Train five young Tanzanians as Natural Resource Management (NRM) facilitators and educate 1,100 community members about sustainable forest management. Based on the achievements of the Tanzania project and our aligned values with Raleigh in addressing the climate emergency. We have now committed to support and expand our transformative partnership with them for a further three years.


For the next three years, we will build on the impact created through the first phase of our partnership. Together, we will support a new generation of young environmental leaders to take action and mobilise others to fight the climate crisis. This time in the UK as well as in Tanzania.

We will continue our focus on reforestation through Raleigh’s first-ever UK programme, Re:Green. By supporting the protection and reforestation of the Scottish rainforest. Our partnership will also continue the fight against the devastating problem of deforestation in Tanzania. With our support of the Raleigh Tanzania Society’s environmental campaign, #Keshotutachelewa (Tomorrow Is Too Late).

There is NO Planet B


Young people are key to creating solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face globally. They are leading the way and taking action now.

Globally young people have told Raleigh that they are not willing to accept the loss of biodiversity and climate change. They demand a world where collective responsibility for a fairer, greener more sustainable future.

Alongside seven Youth Champions, Raleigh has launched a global environmental action campaign called ‘Action Not Excuses’. Inspiring and mobilising a global movement of 100,000 young people to take urgent action to address the climate emergency and drive the green recovery. Creating green jobs, reversing deforestation and fighting plastic waste and pollution.


Despite this, young people are not given the opportunities or platforms to engage as part of the solution. Although they demand action now, many young people are unsure of how to make a contribution.

Whilst young people demand a greener and more inclusive world. Research shows a growing disconnection from nature among some groups. Consequently, many young people are missing out not only on the physical and mental health benefits of being in nature but also the chance to develop curiosity, respect and responsibility for the natural world.

This situation has been compounded by the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions that have reduced personal development opportunities for young people and prevented them from being able to volunteer outdoors.

Scottish Rainforest

(Image provided by Saving Scotland’s Rainforest. SSR is a project led by the Alliance for Scotland’s Rainforest who aim to protect and restore this globally important habitat)

The Re:Green programme will ignite the passion of young people and equip them with the leadership skills to drive the ecological and social change they want to see. For environmental movements to be successful they need to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. The new Access Fund supported by Chadwick Textiles will ensure that no one is left behind. Widening accessibility to young people from a range of backgrounds and actively removing financial barriers.

Re Green Project logo



Re:Green will create a national movement of young people, partner organisations, and communities united in action which builds a greener UK. Raleigh International is part of the Alliance for Scotland’s Rainforest. A voluntary partnership of more than 20 organisations taking collaborative action to save 30,000 hectares of rainforest and ancient woodland from environmental devastation.

This summer and autumn, 200 young people, aged 18-24, will undertake a two or four-week immersive programme in remote locations in Scotland. Through their participation, young people will develop essential leadership and conservation skills and contribute to tangible and impactful conservation.

Protecting the rare Scottish rainforest and native woodland found on the west coast of Scotland. Which is a natural lifeline, locking in carbon, providing local livelihoods, and supporting communities that live within and around it. But with only 30,000 hectares of Scottish rainforest remaining, it’s under threat from overgrazing, invasive plant species, tree disease, air pollution and climate change.

Only 30,000 hectares of Scottish rainforest remains

Young people will support our partners to deliver essential work to conserve and restore the Scottish rainforest and other ancient woodlands. This will include supporting the removal of invasive plant species, restoration and rewilding green spaces. Plus, tree-planting and reforestation, habitat and wildlife monitoring, as well as trail maintenance. Those taking part in our four-week programme will also undertake a leadership challenge to further enrich these essential skills as they trek through the Scottish Highlands.

International Citizen Service
ICS (International Citizen Service) advance volunteers, take part in an induction session, at Raleigh Tanzania’s fieldbase, in Morogoro, Tanzania.

Building on this experience, young people will be trained in social and environmental activism. Including how to mobilise others and influence decision-makers to take action which drives the
green recovery and addresses the climate emergency. They will enrol onto the Raleigh Global Campaign Platform (Action Not Excuses), be able to attend additional training and support
sessions via online conferences and return volunteer events. This continued support will empower young people to create and enact plans for taking action and mobilising their peers to address the climate emergency.

Get involved and take action now because tomorrow is too late – Raleigh International/Take-Action



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