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Go Team Chadwicks! Braving the unexpected frosty weather conditions our team fulfilled their commitment to help raise funds for Raleigh International and Action Not Excuses. So far they have raised just over £1500!

Reversing deforestation is the number-one strategy for stopping global warming. With the current rate of deforestation, the worlds rainforests will be gone in less than 100 years. Trees are the best at capturing carbon that humans and other organisms produce and fight the consequences of a changing climate. Up to 15 billion trees are cut down globally each year. This is not sustainable for wildlife, people or for the climate.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Raleigh International and to help raise funds for their tireless efforts alongside Action Not Excuses, we decided to bring the fight closer to home by planting a target of 100 trees in Cheshire.

On Saturday 27th of November 2021. The Chadwick team set out in force and planted 160 saplings of various species including Hazel, Willow, Oak, Crab Apple, Holly and Scots Pine. Whilst they won’t show much sign of life until Spring 2022 they will capture up to 2 metric tons of carbon and help to combat the ever rising threat of global warming.

Chadwick Team Tree Planting Fundraiser for Raleigh International

A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who have already sponsored us. There is still time to make a donation, please see the link below to help make a difference today.

The sponsorship raised will help fund youth-led campaigns, exciting green initiatives, and new environmental projects so young people can lead and take climate action where they are.

This is what your money could go towards:

•£10 could go towards establishing recycle points and schemes to reduce plastic.
•£50 could go towards producing low-cost prosthetic limbs out of recycled plastics.
•£100 could provide technical training to a young entrepreneur, enabling them to establish their own green business.
•£800 could build a brand-new tree nursery housing 15,000 saplings ready to be transported and planted.

The climate crisis is real. So are the solutions. It is time for action, not excuses.

If you would like to sponsor us and help take action it’s not too late and takes less than 5 minutes.
To donate, simply click this link

Thank you for your support.



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