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Quility Control

Quality first

As an established importer, ensuring a reliable high quality supply chain and manufacturing process has been key to our success, especially given these turbulent times globally. All products are designed and developed in-house at our 40,000 sq. ft UK warehouse, office and showroom site based in Altrincham. We listen carefully to our wide customer base and seek to develop highly functional multi-purpose teamwear products of premium quality. Our complete development and production process is fully managed by a dedicated and highly knowledgeable team in the UK and supported by our experienced and very own Chadwick team in China.

Chadwick’s China Team

Established in 2005, our China office directly employs a dedicated team based locally to our main supply base. Overseeing, checking, and helping to manage the production process from start to finish – We do not work through third parties which helps to guarantee a consistent level of quality time after time and means we can react quickly to our customers’ needs. Having our own dedicated and specialised quality control team on the ground has many benefits. It enables quick decision-making during time-critical production while also ensuring that bulk production accurately replicates the original approved garment samples and specifications time after time.

Manufacturers associated with the production of Chadwick’s products subscribe to a range of recognised ethical trading initiatives and understand their social and corporate responsibilities to their employees, buyers, and end-users.

All manufacturers are also visited regularly by our UK team. We have recently introduced the first stage of our sustainable development programme with the help of an international and independent accreditation provider which will help to ensure that all employers within the factories continue to meet our key principles relating to employees’ working hours and rights combined with a suitable working environment overall.

Quality Management – What We Do

All Chadwick products are quality checked at every key production stage. Pre-production, inline and final inspections are undertaken by one of our QC managers following the international AQL level 2.5. Our regular inspections are performed in addition to any in house factory inspection process making sure we maintain a premium quality. Before any bulk production commences all fabrics, trims and packaging are signed off in the UK. Once approved all main bulk fabrics are independently tested with ITS INTERTEK to ensure all the fabrics’ physical properties meet international standards.    Garments are continuously checked for size conformity, stitch quality, overall trim application, and general appearance.

Continued Growth

As our range of products continues to grow and our stock levels increase, we also continue to build our team of sportswear specialists in China. With their help, we seek to forge stronger relationships and understanding with our established and trusted supply chain; benefiting enormously from their local knowledge and experience to both problems solve and develop communication overall. This keystone in our organisation has allowed us to confidently go head-to-head with other more famed sportswear brands in the UK and grow our business and our reputation as a market leader in premium ‘unbranded’ team and training wear.

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Brand Quality Teamwear
Brand Quality Teamwear
Brand Quality Teamwear
Brand Quality Teamwear