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May 3, 2022 | Press |

Over the past few years, the use of sportswear has changed dramatically within schools. What was once a basic P.E. kit, worn for just a couple of hours a week, has evolved. Now when students have P.E. lessons or extracurricular activities, they are frequently encouraged to wear their sports attire for much longer periods. As well as wearing it to travel to and from school.

With this change comes the increasing need for school sportswear to look smart and offer greater comfort and warmth. Subsequently, there is a dramatic increase in demand for items such as midlayers, track bottoms and leggings.

In response to these changes, Chadwick Teamwear has increased its original four-piece iGen P.E. and Games kits (unisex polo and short and a female polo and skort) to a seven-piece kit. All items target an ‘entry level’ price to appeal to mainstream schools whilst offering superior quality. These additions to the range also mean suppliers can offer their customers the appropriate high-quality options suitable for all needs.


Four students walking across the sports field wearing matching P.E. kits


Additions to the range

Enhances to the range include the addition of the iGen Midlayer available in eight stock colour combinations. This new ¼ zip ticks all the boxes. It offers a contemporary design made from durable 230gsm flat knit polyester with warm brushed back in a durable, hard-wearing easy-care fabric.

The iGen Midlayer is complemented by the hard-wearing iGen Tapered Pants using the same 230gsm warm brushed back fabric. Contrast stretch rib calf panelling, locking ankle zips and two zip pockets also feature.

Completing the new look iGen Games Kit is the popular Academy Legging. The style remains the same but will now be known as the iGen Legging. This legging is a staple for many customers, and fits the iGen positioning of ‘superior quality at an entry-level price point’.

Commenting is Joel Chadwick, managing director of Chadwick Teamwear. “The original iGen range has become a true staple for many schoolwear resellers across the UK. But, we identified how the market was changing, and recognised new additions were needed to offer our customers the best possible solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

“We believe that by offering a full seven-piece stock range in all sizes and multicolour options, targeting primary and secondary schools, the iGen range truly becomes the nucleus of any schoolwear range, giving resellers a true one-stop-shop.”

The Future

Chadwick Teamwear expects the demand for premium quality kits to continue, with a rise in the need to provide a professional, unified look across all sports. The company believes that kits will need to evolve to meet changes in school requirements and demands from parents. That staying competitive in the future will mean continuing to adapt early to feedback. And, creating an adaptable range of quality, affordable school sportswear will be vital to ensure suppliers can continue to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

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