Raleigh’s Youth For Community Conservation-Final report
March 15, 2022 | All News | Corporate | Raleigh International |

Since 2018 Chadwick Textiles and Raleigh International (RI) have supported young people to create an environmental impact in Tanzania through the Youth for Community Conservation (Y4CC) Project.

With our help, young Tanzanians were able to plant 360,000 trees and establish three community-owned tree nurseries.

Based on the Tanzania project’s successes and our shared values in tackling the climate problem, we have continued to support and develop our partnership with Raleigh for three more years (2021-2023).

We have continued to work together to help a new generation of young environmental leaders act and mobilise others to combat the climate problem. This time in both the United Kingdom and Tanzania.

UK Programme

Through Raleigh’s first-ever UK programme, Re:Green, we continue to work on reforestation, by advocating for the preservation and reforestation in Scotland. Our collaboration will also continue to address Tanzania’s deforestation crisis, with our support of the Raleigh Tanzania Society’s #Keshotutachelewa environmental campaign (Tomorrow Is Too Late).

A report on the success of the Tanzania project is now available, to download  the report Click Here


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